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Key Information

School Day

School opens at 8:30am and finishes at 3:00pm. Our opening and closing times allow you to drop off and collect older siblings at our linked Junior Schools (Crookham Junior School and All Saints Junior School) in good time.  If your child arrives or leaves school outside our usual hours we will ask you to sign them in or out at the school office. 


Collection Arrangements

The care of your child is very important to us and therefore we will ask you to complete a form letting us know who is authorised to collect your child from school. It is important that this information is kept up to date at all times and that you inform us of any changes to normal collection arrangements, for example when your child is going home with another child on a ‘playdate’.  You can tell the classteacher on the door in the morning (we have a book we will write this in) or you can let the school office know by email or telephone of any changes.


Water Bottles

We will ask you to send your child into school each day with a filled water bottle so that they have access to fresh water all day each day. Do please make sure that the bottle is named!



Please inform the school office, either on your registration form or in writing, of any allergies or food intolerances your child might have. This is important for learning activities within the curriculum as well as for school lunches.



Please notify the school office by email or telephone by 8:30am on the first day of absence if your child is unwell and unable to attend, letting us know what’s the matter. Please check the NHS page Is my child too ill for school? to see when children should be kept off school. If your child has an upset stomach or has been sick, please allow at least 48 hours before returning to school to avoid the spread of infection and ensure that your child is back to their best.


Illness at School

When your child becomes ill at school, we will endeavour to contact you immediately so that you can make the best decision as to how to care for them.  If it is ever necessary to take a child straight to hospital, we would do so immediately as we are acting in “loco parentis” and let you know as soon as reasonable practicable.  Please make sure that if you change your telephone number or any of your contact numbers, the school office is informed as soon as possible.


Should your child sustain a bump to their head, a note will be sent home to this effect, so please check their school bag every day. We will also try to tell you in person or on the telephone so that you can continue to keep a close eye on them.


Medicines in School

We are only able to administer prescribed medicines in school in accordance with Hampshire's guidelines. Please contact the school office to complete a consent form if your child has to take any form of prescribed medication. Further details are contained in our Supporting Children with Medical Conditions policy on our Policies page.



Parents are not permitted to park in the school car park before, after or during school unless picking up from the After School club at 6pm. Parking is also not permitted in Christ Church car park. Please help us to keep good relationships with all our neighbours and keep your children safe by parking in a considerate way in nearby roads.



If you walk with your dog to school, please ensure that it is kept under close control near the school gates as not everyone loves dogs as much as you do! Please have a bag handy to clean up any mess.


Personal Possessions and Jewellery

We would be grateful if you would not allow your child to bring valuables into school as loss or damage can be very upsetting.


Health and Safety guidelines issued by Hampshire County Council state that earrings should not be worn during PE/Games lessons and we encourage you to remove these at home on PE days where possible. Whilst we structure all activities to keep children safe, the school will not accept responsibility for any accidents caused by wearing earrings during school activities.



The school has to maintain records relating to the attendance of pupils and we expect 100% attendance. If your child is not at school, we ask you to notify us by email or telephone, on the first day of absence, with the reasons for your child’s absence. Absences have to be monitored by law and any unauthorised absence reported.


If you are finding any aspect of attendance tricky, please do ask for help. For more information see:

Holidays during term time cannot normally be authorised. See Attendance information on our Policies page for further details.