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Comments by Parents

Below are some comments from parents about the school:


"I feel the school is fabulous, managed really well and is a wonderful family environment. I feel I can approach staff with any concerns and I am very proud that my child attends."


"We have had two children attend Crookham Infant School and both my husband and I will be very sad to move on from such a lovely school. We feel staff are very approachable and friendly. The whole school has a nurturing and family environment."


"We are extremely happy with all aspects. Our child loves to come in each morning and enjoys the whole day and all aspects of school life. She speaks fondly of all staff members, especially her teacher and TA and has grown in confidence. No changes we would request! Thank you all."


"I love Church Crookham how it is! Fantastic school."


"I feel the school is excellent, I do not think that they could improve in any way at all. As a forces family I also feel that the school makes excellent provision for supporting us and provides brilliant support for my son when his father is deployed. I could not be happier with the school."


"Building and play areas already improved for the children's benefit. Teaching of a high standard and topics are interesting. Not sure how else to improve."


"I have seen the school go through many changes as I have had 3 children go through the school. It is a better school now than at any other time in my 9 years experience with the school. This open, approachable and non-judgemental leadership style is to be treasured."


"We have been thrilled with school - no comments for improvement."


"We are very happy with the management and teaching at the school - no need to improve. Thanks for supporting and encouraging.......we feel he couldn't be in a better place anywhere else."


"I am happy with all aspects of Crookham Infants and shall be sad when my child leaves in July....but I have another starting in September thankfully."


"I have no complaints at all, it's an excellent school."