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Week 7

Each of our resources are in power point format so you simply need to "load, click and go". We hope you enjoy sharing these with your children.


Advisory note to parents and teachers: we wanted to make you aware that these powerpoints have links to carefully chosen resources on youtube however we are not able to control the adverts that may sometimes appear at the start of a clip or comments written underneath.   


Please also visit our Tuning In online music festival freely available for all Hampshire residents at this address


or it can be found by visiting the HMS website and following the links to Tuning In


In particular have a look at our 30 day Tuning in Challenge with a short musical activity for everyday of June


Here is the link to the HMS youtube channel where you can find our singing assemblies and much more besides


Other resources you may like to look at are

BBC Ten Pieces At Home - Activities & Interactive Workshops



Out of the ark Music@Home