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School Dinners

Children can choose a school lunch cooked in the kitchen on site or bring a packed lunch to school. School lunches are ordered at morning registration and children have a choice of meal options (see the latest menu below). Children who bring a packed lunch sit in the hall along with the other children who are eating school meals. Please do not send in lunches containing peanut butter, nuts or anything containing nuts. The dinner sittings are supervised by Lunch Time Supervisors. Each class has its own Supervisor and in addition children benefiting from our Sports Coaches on site each day making lunch time a particularly happy time of the school day with good food, company and quality play!

Click here for the latest menu 


In addition, picnic bags (summer) or jacket potatoes (winter) are also available.

The current Picnic Bag menu is as follows:

Monday: Cheese Roll

Tuesday: Quorn Nugget Wrap

Wednesday: Vegetable Sausage Roll

Thursday: Ham Roll

Friday: Tuna Wrap


Further information about school lunches is available from the HC3S website.


School lunches need to be ordered or cancelled by 9:30am. If your child has a medical appointment in the morning and requires a school lunch please let the school office know they that require a lunch, either the previous day or by telephoning the office by 9:30am.



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