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Our Learning Characters


Reflective Owl, Tough Tortoise, Team Ant and Resourceful Squirrel are important characters

who help us understand our school's Christian and learning values.


Together we are learning to LOVE GOD (be like Reflective Owl and think carefully about what

we say and do to be our very best), LOVE OTHERS (be resourceful and a great team player,

like Squirrel and Ant) and LOVE LEARNING (be resilient like Tortoise).


I am a Reflective Owl


I am like Resourceful Squirrel and Team Ant

Resourcefulness and Reciprocity

I am a Tough Tortoise






 Squirrel    Ant



I know that I am unique and precious.

I know that God loves me.

I am learning to appreciate the world around me.

I am learning to be my best me.

I can talk about my learning.

I can explain my point of view and listen to others.

I can be flexible and change my plans if I need to.

I can use feedback to make my learning even better next time.

I can recall the parable of the lost son.


I know that Jesus had special friends who he loved and who loved him.

I know that I can learn on my own and with and from others.

I am willing to share my ideas and listen to other viewpoints.

I think carefully about the resources I need to use.

I can plan my learning, make changes, give and respond to feedback.

I can recall the parable of the Good Samaritan.

I know that Jesus was a great teacher and enjoyed learning.

I try to be the best learner that I can be.

I don’t say no but have a go!

I keep trying even when I’m in the learning pit.

I know what to do when I’m stuck so that I can climb out of the learning pit.

I try not to get distracted or distract others.

I can recall the parable of the sower.