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Ethos and Values


Care, Inspire, Succeed


At Crookham Infant School our Mission is:


  • To make learning irresistible for all learners by providing an exciting and challenging curriculum.
  • To ensure all learners grow and thrive by offering appropriate support and challenge.
  • To support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our learners as members of ‘Team Crookham’.
  • To promote the Christian Values of Love God, Love Others, Love Learning.
  • To develop strong links between staff, pupils, parents, Governors and our Church family at Christ Church.

Our School Pledge


The Staff will:

  • Teach your child in a safe, caring and well-ordered learning environment

  • Value each child as a unique individual

  • Encourage pupils to develop a growth mindset and enjoy challenge

  • Develop children’s independence by giving them increasing responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and belongings

  • Make your child’s education meaningful and enjoyable

  • Help prepare your child to become a valued member of society

  • Promote kindness, courtesy and good manners
  • Recognise and reward effort, success and achievement
  • Provide current information about your child’s education and school activities
  • Meet with you at agreed times to discuss progress, success and concerns


As Parents, we expect you to:

  • Value your child’s education - "every school day counts!"
  • Support Crookham Infant School in maintaining high standards in  all areas
  • Ensure your child arrives at school on time, appropriately dressed, equipped and ready to benefit from the day at school
  • Ensure all holidays are taken outside of term time.
  • Communicate with the school regarding anything which may affect your child’s education or welfare
  • Encourage your child to take a pride and interest in their work at home, as well as at school
  • Encourage good behaviour, politeness  and respect for others and their property


We expect our pupils to:

  • Work as hard as they can and take pride in their work at school and at home
  • Understand and keep the 'Team Crookham' code: Kind Words, Kind Hands, Kind Feet
  • Be kind and helpful to others at all times
  • Tell a grownup if they are upset or unhappy
  • Look after their belongings and take care of other people’s things